AI Driven Marketing

AI Technology Stack

Our AI is built to automate and optimize the typical workflow of digital marketing services. We can integrate with some of the most popular digital marketing platforms. Each of our AI service is geared to work specifically on one platform to maximize it's efficiency.

Google AdWords AI

Negative Keywords

Our AI examines your search terms to find irrelevant searches. No more time spent reading through hundreds of searches.

Campaign Analysis

Built to increase performance, our AI combs through campaigns, ad groups and keywords to find inefficiencies. It finds the best way to manage the campaign for increased conversions.


Our AI delivers weekly and monthly reports built around hitting goals. It will track the pace of your account and outlines the progress towards reaching goals.

Google Analytics AI


Our AI delivers weekly and monthly reporting focused on tracking progress towards goals.

Traffic Insights

Leverage your traffic data to improve the performance of digital efforts.

User Activity

Gain insights to improve the user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AI

Keyword Rankings

Focused on increasing the visibility of your website by ranking higher on search engines.

Organic Traffic

Focused on increasing organic traffic to your site from search engines.


Full SEO audit of your site to ensure all maximum effectiveness of SEO growth strategies.

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